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About Perry Barr Younger Adults NNS

Due to the success of the original scheme for older people, the NNS was extended in April 2022 to include younger adults aged 18 – 49 who have a long–term disability.


We’re part of a city-wide network that identifies crucial services and health and well-being activities. You’ll find what’s on offer in your area in the Birmingham Connect to Support site, so click here: searchable directory.


Our busy Facebook and Twitter feeds – follow for most up-to-date information and opportunities

How can I register my project?


The Perry Barr constituency is split into several wards and if you’d like to talk to someone about a particular service or activity please contact the following Community Connectors:


Perry Barr NNS Project Co-ordinator | Janet Weir

Community Support and Development Officer | Juanita Bradshaw

Neighbourhood Network Scheme Community Development Manager | Yvonne Wager


We just need some details about your project, and we’ll arrange to meet face to face (or by phone/Zoom/Teams if more convenient)


Once you have been registered, your project will go onto the city-wide Connect to Support register and your project information will be accessible to a range of local professionals including local social workers from Birmingham’s Adult Services Team. We’ll also keep in touch to update you on the latest network news, funding and training opportunities and we’ll organise regular network get-togethers.


Juanita Bradshaw | Community Support and Development Officer

Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 12.36.31.png

Yvonne Wager | Neighbourhood Network Scheme Community Development Manager

Janet W.jpg

Janet Weir | Perry Barr NNS

                     Project Co-ordinator

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