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Free iHASCO Training
for Community Organisations

Friendly Business Team

As part of our capacity building offer, you can access iHASCO's online courses, free of charge, which allows you to complete them in your own time. These resources include interactive modules, videos, and practical exercises designed to enhance understanding and retention of the course material.  

Please see below the list of all the training we are offering.

You will be able to choose from a variety of courses, including food hygiene, health and safety, autism awareness, conflict resolution and much more allowing you to acquire new skills, improve your performance, and remain compliant with industry standards and regulations.


Please fill in the form below to receive the links to get started.  

What We


Food Hygiene Level 1 

This IOSH approved course covers basics on how to properly handle consumables such as food contamination, allergies and bacteria, safety standards, and cleaning. 


Food Hygiene Level 3  

This IIRSM & RoSPA-approved Food Hygiene Level 3 course is aimed at supervisors, managers, or business owners working in the food industry. It identifies key areas within food safety and hygiene, allowing problems to be identified and resolved with the ultimate aim of ensuring good practices throughout the whole business. This course matches the CIEH syllabus and meets UK/EU legal requirements. 


Autism Awareness  

The course covers the definition of autism, its impact on children, adults, and families and the current theories on what factors may influence the condition. Furthermore, this course will help users understand what support can be offered to those with autism. 


Food Allergy Awareness 

This Food Allergy Awareness Training is an essential piece of training for those producing, selling or handling food. All staff handling food should have a thorough understanding of allergens and the potential dangers surrounding them. This course also includes the requirements for pre-packed for direct sale (PPDS) food labelling legislation changes that come into effect on the 1st October 2021 (Also known as Natasha's law). 


Manual Handling 

This course will teach you all you need to know about safe manual handling. It includes information on the lifting techniques, ‘LITE’ and ‘TILE’, and explains the importance of safe manual handling. Providing training on safe carrying and lifting techniques in the workplace is a legal requirement in any situation where your staff are required to do any lifting, lowering, pulling, or pushing as part of their job. 


Disability Awareness and Inclusion  

This course provides users with more in-depth knowledge about the equal opportunities those with disabilities should be given, how both visible and invisible disabilities might impact someone's working life and what you can do to make sure that people with disabilities are given equal consideration and fair access to the same opportunities as others.  


Fire Awareness 

This IOSH and RoSPA approved course will explain how fire begins, how it spreads and how to tackle it (includes the different types of fire extinguishers). Participants will learn how to implement an effective emergency procedure in the case of fire and what to do if escape routes are blocked. 


Conflict Resolution 

This CPD Accredited and IIRSM approved Conflict Resolution Training course is for everyone. It provides the most effective techniques and strategies for handling and resolving conflict. Understand the types of conflict and learn how to prevent conflict.  


Food Hygiene Level 2  

This IOSH-approved level 2 food hygiene course is expertly designed to help caterers, chefs, hospitality staff and other food handlers improve their food hygiene practices and remain compliant with UK legislation. 


Risk Assessment  

This IOSH approved course teaches what risk assessments, understanding the 5 steps of a risk assessment as well as how to create a plan of action for any hazards that may be found, learn how to fill out a risk assessment and when they are not necessary.  


Project Management Essentials 

Guides users through the process of managing a project, learning what it means to be a Project Manager, and seeing things through from an initial idea to a final product. It explains the Project Management Triangle and how it can help you. Learn the stages of a project and what you need to do throughout to make it a success.  


Health and Safety Essentials 

This basic Health and Safety Training programme covers the key areas of Health and Safety that you are legally required to train your staff in. It provides an easy-to-follow but comprehensive introduction to the major topics that will keep your workplace safe. This course is designed for employees at all levels who need basic health and safety training. This training module is IOSH & RoSPA Approved.


Unconscious Bias 

This online course is CPD accredited and IIRSM approved and is suitable for use in all industries. Upon completing our unconscious bias course, employees will understand the most common types of biases, as well as the negative impacts that unconscious bias can have on an organisation. Workplaces with less bias tend to cultivate fairer, more diverse, and open cultures. 


Mental Health Awareness  

Raises awareness of ill-mental health (particularly stress, depression and anxiety), provides tools and guidance for daily wellbeing-management, and aims to remove the stigma surrounding mental health. IOSH approved. 


Domestic Abuse Awareness  

This course covers what domestic abuse is, how to recognise the signs, and how to respond if you suspect it might be happening. 

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